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Training Academy

We are currently offering three separate courses in our training academy. A Nails Course, a Designs Course, and a Manicure & Acrylic Combo Course.

In our Nails Course, students will be introduced to one of the most exciting industries in the nation through our Nail Academy. This profession will appeal to those with a creative sense, good visual vision, solid people skills, and strong communication abilities.

In a realistic salon atmosphere with hands-on experience, students hone their nail technician skills. The Nail Technician curriculum exposes students to a variety of areas of the industry, including sanitation and sterilization, electric filing, artificial nails, acrylic, gel, and wraps (fiberglass) as well as manicures.

Our Designs Course will show you how to use both conventional (air dry) polish and gel polish to produce a variety of freehand nail art methods. From the fundamental freehand methods, such as dots, striping, and flicks, to the more sophisticated methods, such as marbling, glitter fading, utilizing chrome powder, foiling, attaching rhinestones, and successfully finishing your French manicure.


You'll learn how to combine these techniques to produce a variety of very popular and frequently requested nail art styles, enabling you to safely add nail art services to your current nail services in order to increase revenue and set yourself apart from the competition. This online course will walk you through using various medium and equipment to execute Nail Art treatments with confidence and adherence to a professional level of service, guided by our extensive tools and resources.

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